Sunscreen For The Holidays

We got married in Key West … well, actually just offshore on a sailboat as the sun set on a stunning December evening. We try to get back once a year (or so) because it’s a place we love. This year, with COVID concerns, we worried about the impact we might bring to a relatively isolated island, but we were jonesing for a visit. So we reached out to friends who are full-timers and they suggested we get a house, avoid the crowds and come for a visit. A phone call to Susie at Key West Key and we were packing our sunscreen.

A little house with a kitchen helped us avoid the crowds, but still feel the tropics.

I’ve always thought it’s hard to capture the Christmas feeling when you’re sitting next to a pool feeling the brilliant warmth of the sun and sipping an icy beverage, yet there I was feeling all Christmas-y. I think the two Hallmark-like Christmas novels I read helped a lot. 

A few souvenir ornaments, some sea shells and “voila” a Key West Christmas tree.

The Christmas feeling urged me on … I ordered a tiny Christmas tree from Amazon and decorated it with silly souvenir ornaments. It will be a desk tree for years to come and remind me of this place we love. 

Despite the steamy days and sultry evenings, we walked through neighborhoods and admired the Christmas lights on display. Just like everywhere else, islanders drape lights and garlands on their porches, windows and doors. Of course, there are plenty of nods to the beach vibes and latitude.

One particular favorite is rather iconic. Lobster pots are stacked on the waterfront and lighted. The tree is a hit with tourists and locals. A photographer friend (who was also our wedding photog), snapped a pic for us to celebrate our actual anniversary … same spot, same time of day, same scene six years later. (Thanks, Carol!!) We took our masks off just long enough to duplicate the picture.

A selfie in front of the blue anchor at the pier.

We snapped a selfie and took in some of the other waterfront lights then headed back out into the neighborhoods where homes are bright and cheerful and the sidewalks are empty.

Wherever you are this holiday season, may you enjoy health and happiness. 

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Enjoy the season, avoid the crowds and celebrate with adventure in your soul.

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