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Wander With Your Eyes

With everyone’s faces hidden behind masks, the smiles of this year’s holiday season are more in our imaginations than in our sights. That got me thinking … who says wandering means you actually have to go somewhere?

I grabbed my camera and started looking around. I sought out little treats for the eye — colors, images, sights I’d simply walked past many times. I started snapping pics of everything.

I spent a couple of days just looking for pretty little things. You can, too.

Take a walk in your neighborhood. Drive to a local park. Look at the world just beyond your outdoor-seating spot at a local restaurant. You can even focus on the little things inside your home that bring you joy.

With a little imagination, the images you spot can take you to a new place. 

Here are a few of the fun things I spotted as I let my mind (and eyes) wander ….

Don’t forget to look up.
Classic architecture is everywhere.
This guy was just gliding along looking happy.
I caught the splashes from a fountain.
Popped into a grocery store for lunch and snapped these beauties waiting for a home.
I suspect this spider web has something to do with the fact there were no flies buzzing about.
Stopped for a nosh and got a fortune … I still don’t know what I lost.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Let your mind wander as much as your feet. 

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