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Pack Like a Celebrity … Sort of

I love to browse travel magazines … and magazines with travel stories … and, well, you get the point. Recently I was flipping the glossy pages of American Way on a flight and came across an article that included a “packing list” sidebar for a Netflix celebrity. As I read the list items, I thought about other lists like it.

Lana Condor gives her travel tips.

This one, about Lana Condor, includes some pretty normal things: a good book (she likes thrillers), a film camera, a favorite tea (comfy and soothing).  I was behind her thought process until the last item: throwaway shoes. 

I stared for a second. Throwaway shoes?? Does everybody have enough disposable cash to buy a pair of shoes with the intent of throwing them away? She even explained, “…so I can bang them up and then toss them at the end of the trip.” What the heck? Once you get shoes a little banged up they are actually more comfortable.

If you’re gonna travel with a silk pillowcase, why not get one with the night sky on it?

I flashed back to other such lists in other magazines. The Kardashian-Jenners claim they simply MUST have a silk pillowcase when they travel! Supermodel David Gandy says he won’t board a plane without rose-hip oil.

Greg keeps the sun off his head with a summer weight fedora.

One author insists if you want to pack like a celebrity, don’t forget your fedora. Another article touts the importance of a $138 bottle of “breakout fix” for those travel skin emergencies. What about shearling slippers for that long haul flight?

Greg recalls reading that Richard Branson’s travel essential is his assistant.  I guess when you own the airline and a private jet it’s easy to find an extra seat! 

These lists always make me laugh. Of course, you can learn from them. The hidden lessons are there; take something to stay moisturized while you travel. I have a travel sized tube of my favorite Jergan’s lotion. Pack your skin care essentials. Wear comfy shoes on your flight (who packs a spare pair of shoes in a carry-on??). Take what you need to make your flight comfortable, but don’t pack too much. 

When I win the lottery, I think I’ll look into a few of these celebrity recommendations. Until then, my real-life, real-budget packing list will have to do.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Have fun personalizing your packing list.

1 thought on “Pack Like a Celebrity … Sort of”

  1. Wouldn’t it be nice to throw shoes out after a few uses…. no. You’re right, they get comfortable at that point. I think the point is, if you’re rich you can afford to be less frugal. Personally I like the poor man’s list because it means we are saving the earth by holding on to items instead of throwing things into a landfill. Just a thought.


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