Gratitude and Joy, Wine/Cocktails

Day Four – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Color Red

I was sitting in my living room last night and this morning, smiling at the Christmas decorations and thinking about the sad day in the near future when they would all be coming down, destined for boxes and bins and stored away for another year. That’s when it occurred to me – I am grateful for red. 

Yep, the color red. My tree is decorated with several red ornaments, my fingernails are painted in a holiday hue. Red brings me joy.

Red ornaments, red fingernails and red wine.

Not everyone experiences the fun and frivolity of red. So-called experts say red is an inflammatory color. It incites violence. It causes anger. Not for me. I feel glee. It evokes thoughts of festivity and excitement.

So many of my Christmas decorations are red.

It grabs my attention. It’s supposed to do that; it’s why fire trucks are often painted red. It’s why emergency vehicle lights flash red. It’s why stop signs and stop lights are red. 

Fire trucks are red.

I read somewhere that men do not see as many shades of red as women. It’s supposedly why men don’t often care which red you want to paint something or which red dress you choose to wear. That kinda sucks. After all, red is sexy.

Red is sexy

So there you have it. Today I am reveling in the gratitude and joy of being able to experience red.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Go out and paint the town red.

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