Gratitude and Joy

Day 265- A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Freckles

Early on in my year of gratitude and joy, I wrote several blogs about silly little things … like the color red and fresh squeezed orange juice. I’ve moved on to concepts and even travel tips. Recently, my daughter sent me a pic of her youngest, Dani. All smiles and youthful glee, Dani’s freckles popped out of the photo.

Those gorgeous freckles have changed my outlook.

It reminded me of my youth and how much I disliked having freckles. My mom insisted they were cute, but I wanted to be glamorous and beautiful. Cute was disappointing.

Even in high school I thought my freckles distracted from the look I wanted.

Now I look at Dani and her older brother, Sam, whose face is also splashed with freckles, and I am delighted. I love my freckles now because my grandchildren’s freckles have shown me the joy and fun that freckles make me feel.

Sam is so confident he doesn’t even think about his freckles.

Middle sister, Lizzie, has teeny freckles, barely visible on her nose and one cheek. I’ve made such a big deal about how cute Dani and Sam’s freckles are that Lizzie feels left out. Just the other day I was chatting with Lizzie and pointed out her teeny freckles. With a frown, she said they were too small to see. I told her they give her the unique ability to be cute and glamorous.

Unlike me, Lizzie wants more and darker freckles.

It gave me a little surge of gratitude and joy. Gratitude for not only having freckles, but seeing them on other people. The joy of a laughing face speckled and gleeful.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Embrace the differences in the faces of everyone you meet.

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