Arizona, Gratitude and Joy

Day Six – A Day of Gratitude and Joy – Rain

As I look out at the seemingly never-ending expanse of gray in the sky, I realize I am grateful for rain. 

Living in the desert, rain is rare. When it rains here, it tends to cause flash flooding in the washes and can be dangerous. That said, desert dwellers like us know to be cautious after even the briefest rain storm. So why be grateful? That’s easy. Rain brings much needed water to the aquifers, feeds the native plants offering food and shelter to all manner of desert wildlife, and offers a chance to enjoy the wonderful sounds that only come with a downpour.

Winter rain in the desert sometimes includes sleet.

What’s better than dancing in the rain?

There’s really nothing more delightful that dancing in the rain.

Rain flows out of the downspout on the side of our home with a gentle trickle.

Not exactly a downpour, but the rain does flow out of the downspout.

Raindrops softly plink, plink, plunk on the surface of the pool and on the leaves of my little lemon tree.

Fresh rain on lemons.

I remember one of our first visits to Arizona. We were sitting in a restaurant ordering lunch when the room suddenly got quiet. Several of the waitresses and waiters walked to the door and left the dining room. Greg and I gave each other a puzzled look. After about a minute, they all came back inside and our waitress came over. We asked what happened. “It’s raining.” was her simple response. Further discussion revealed midday rain is so unusual, most of the young staff popped outside to see it and feel it on their faces. 

That stuck with me! Rain is a valuable and rare thing where we live. 

Rainbow over a canyon.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Grab an umbrella and check out the rain.

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