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Day 33 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Olive Oil

I love to cook, especially Italian food. To be fair, my style should be defined as Italian-inspired, but it involves sauces and pastas and wine and the essentials … like onions, garlic and olive oil. Cooking with olive oil is a game changer. I am incredibly grateful for learning about it and having a fabulous local source.

Olive oil comes in dozens of flavors at specialty stores, but the best is simple, fresh and offers a flavor all its own. 

These are just the flavors we keep by the stove!

In our area, we have the right weather for olive trees, so there’s a company in the valley that grows, harvests and presses its own olive oil. It’s spectacular. I toured once and now make bi-monthly trips for fresh oil in several flavors.

The tour at the olive mill starts here.

If you’ve never cooked with olive oil, you may be surprised to know it can even be used in baking. I had always heard the flavor alters the taste of your baked goodies, but it really depends on your oil. Queen Creek Olive Mill makes a dark chocolate infused oil and a vanilla infused version that have amped up several cakes and cookies I’ve made.

Queen Creek even offers a conversion chart magnet to help with your recipes.

Their EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) comes in three levels of robustness … and is magnificent with pastas, sauces and meat. And bread … oh, just the thought of dipping warm, fresh, homemade bread into some robust EVOO is making me hungry!

Homemade peasant bread makes for some scrumptious dipping.

So, today I am grateful for olive oil. I embrace the flavors and varieties and versatility of it. It is a joyful (and permanent) addition to my kitchen.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Embrace the flavors of the world and make them your own.

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