Gratitude and Joy

Day 36 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Sailing

Greg’s parents sailed. When he was young, they introduced him (and his siblings) to the sport. Greg took to it like a duck takes to water. He learned enough to become competitive and even taught sailing as a young man.

Greg’s mom was a sailor.

At some point, he got away from it and took up flying. It was many years later when we met. By then, he’d gotten away from that, too. I encouraged him to get back in the cockpit and we had a blast. But, when he was at the controls of a plane, he was intense and focused; a very conscientious pilot.

Even during a soaring lesson, he was serious and focused.

Then, he took me sailing. We rented a craft on a trip to Southern California and he guided us just past the breakwaters into the Pacific Ocean where, much  to  my delight, a pair of dolphins swam alongside our boat, diving and leaping along. Greg was in his element and I was giddy.

He was clearly having fun at the helm.

A couple of years later, we rented again, this time in San Diego. The harbor was crowded on a beautiful sunny day, but Greg didn’t seem to notice. He was all smiles and incredibly at ease as he maneuvered among the other boats and we glided through the blue water.

Greg’s comfort with sailing makes it easy to have fun on the water.

When we moved to Arizona, I pointed out how much more enjoyable sailing appeared to be for him. He loves to fly, but sailing takes him to a well-known place of bliss. It didn’t take long for us to find and join the Arizona Yacht Club

Our Arizona Yacht Club burgee hangs in our bar until we get a boat.

He’s adopted a boat while we figure out if (or rather when) we will buy our own. He spent several afternoons recently repairing his borrowed Laser. Each time he works on it, he relaxes. He smiles brighter. He is happy!

After just two trips to the lake he’s already a top-3 finisher in the races.

Today I am grateful for sailing. I am thrilled to share Greg’s joy. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Rediscover a joy from your past somewhere on your travels.

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2 thoughts on “Day 36 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Sailing”

  1. I enjoyed reading about Greg’s love of sailing. For many years I had a small outboard tri-hull boat when I lived in Sacramento. Was on Folsom Lake every weekend during the summer. I loved that boat and the freedom & tranquility I felt while on the lake. I miss it very much. Thanks for your post Judy.


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