Gratitude and Joy

Day 160 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Body Art

For many, tattoos are taboo. The idea of inking a permanent image on your body can be daunting. I’ve had friends who regretted tattoos and went to great (and expensive) lengths to have them removed or altered. But I have even more friends who are thrilled with their “ink.”

For years, I considered a tattoo. I was warned of the regret. I was cautioned about the permanence. I spent a long time considering what mattered enough to me to have it permanently etched into my skin. At 50, I got my first tatt. A very tiny cluster of three Fleur de Lis – it represents a city where my fondest memories began.

I was a little nervous, so my first tattoo was very small.

The other cautionary note I heard repeated was once you get your first one, you will want more. It’s true. That first quarter-sized tatt turned into the center of a larger work of art. I wanted half a compass rose, in full color. I explain to those who ask that I will add the other half when I’ve seen everything I want to see.

My first tattoo became the center of a much larger work of art.

Greg also spent years considering what mattered enough to him to add to his flesh. One of his almost half-sleeves is an image of The Hermit tarot card. To him, it represents the never-ending search for truth and enlightenment. It speaks to so much of what he believes in. 

The Hermit has a special meaning to Greg.

Since then, we’ve added more ink to our bodies. I have a sweeping swirl of stars and hearts that represent my two children and six grandchildren. Greg discovered a centuries-old  family crest with an incredible story and deep meaning of faith and loyalty.

In the coming weeks, my daughter and I intend to get matching tattoos in tribute to my dad and the bond she and I share. All tattoos have meaning to the person who gets them. They represent something that matters in some way. If you wonder, just ask. I’ve never met someone with a tattoo who wasn’t willing to share the story behind it. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. You never know when the stories behind these adventures are shared in body art!

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