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Day 161 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Pizza

We don’t eat pizza very often. The delivery choices are limited in our neighborhood and frozen pizza just leaves us a little flat. So when friends came to town and we looked for a place to meet them for lunch, Pomo Pizzeria Napoletana offered an intriguing option.

Reviews suggested this place was “the” place to get the perfect pie. We made a reservation and met up for a tasty treat.

Outdoor seating cooled with misters offers a fun al fresco option.

Choices abound on the menu. The options were loaded with classic Italian ingredients like sopressata, fresh mozzarella and prosciutto. Fresh mozzarella, perfectly seasoned sauce and the all-important crust will make or break a pizza place. The wood-fired oven, clearly visible from our table, boded well for the finished product.

The wood-fired pizza was already glowing red – a great sign.

We arrived nearly an hour early, just after the place opened. We were hungry, and since our friends hadn’t arrived yet from their flights into nearby Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, we ordered a meatball appetizer to get us started. A spice we couldn’t quite identify made the perfectly cooked meatballs slightly sweet yet savory overall; the lightly toasted Italian bread that came with it was perfect for sopping up the sauce. 

Polpette and a nice glass of Montepuliano make for a delicious appetizer.

Our friends arrived shortly thereafter, just as the lunch rush was beginning. We chatted and laughed while we waited for our order with a glass of wine, each of us ordering something a bit different to match our taste palates.

When the pizza arrived we dug right in. Our different pies offered some intriguing blends and had the perfect bite. We each ate half, bringing the other half home for a late night snack. It was a great teaser for the truly authentic pizza and Italian food we look forward to in Italy.

Chili strands add a touch of heat to a perfect pie.

We lingered and caught up with our friends until they needed to leave for a graduation. We said our goodbyes as the lunch rush waned, realizing we had been there for three hours!  

There’s a whole world waiting to be explored. Food that brings you joy reminds you of trips past … and the ones to come!

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