Gratitude and Joy, Travel

Day 162 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Travel Inspiration

Once in a while, my social media feeds will offer up a meme or quote about travel. Some, for me, kind of miss the mark, but many touch my heart and remind me I am not alone in my seemingly insatiable desire to travel ALL THE TIME! 

This blog started out as a travel blog. It wasn’t daily, but for the most part I stuck to the theme of offering insight into some new place, whether near or far. Then COVID hit and, like the rest of the world, my ability to travel was cut off at the knees. So, I finally gave up on trying to come up with a regular post about travel and switched to my daily gratitude and joy theme.

Now, the world is opening back up. Travel plans are being made. The whole world seems to be planning a trip somewhere … and the memes and quotes are reappearing on my feeds. My heart is soaring with gratitude and joy and I want to share some of these with you. It is my wish that you will feel inspired to travel and embrace the fascinating world out there that’s just waiting to be explored. (Click the arrows to view all the images.)

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