Arizona, Gratitude and Joy

Day 200 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – The Summer Doldrums

As summer heats up, here in Arizona we experience something akin to cabin fever. It’s nowhere near as bad as northern winters (I’ve done those) where you can’t even get out of your house. Here in the desert you can escape to your air conditioned car then into an air conditioned store or restaurant. But you really can’t be outside for any length of time.

The National Weather Service points out it is simply too hot to go out.

Consequently, you spend pretty much all day every day in your house. It’s a great time to get some things done. I’ve made bolognese in the crock pot, cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and sat at my computer organizing files. 

I made bolognese and veggie broth.

Greg works all day, but in his down time he painted another room and has a list of projects he’s tackling bit-by-bit.

Painting above the cabinets was a challenge.

We’re VERY fortunate to have a pool, so we can escape for some refreshing float time, but even then, we’re limited to fairly late in the afternoon when the lengthening shadows block some of the sun’s direct blazing heat and dangerous UV rays.

As the sun sinks, the sliver of shade at the end of the pool lengthens.

But all those little things we are doing to stay busy don’t get us out and about to walk or play tourist around our own town. It leaves me craving a trip up to nearby Cottonwood and Jerome, perhaps a drive up into the Superstition Mountains or even an afternoon in the relative cool of Prescott. 

An afternoon kayaking on the Verde River is one way to beat the heat.

As I tried to figure out how to satisfy my summer doldrum boredom, I realized I am also grateful for the downtime. I’m having a little fun re-watching some favorite old TV shows and catching up on some missed movies. I’m relishing the free time to play with Enzo as we make progress toward house training. 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. If you’re experiencing the summer doldrums, satisfy your craving to see something close to home! 

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