Gratitude and Joy

Day 250 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Experiments

“Sure, why not? Let’s try it.” That phrase pops out of my mouth every now and then. My ability to come out on the other side with, “that didn’t work out so well” is about 50/50.

I don’t remember the first time I decided to just give something a try. It was, no doubt, well before I knew what I was doing. I’d lay down pretty good odds that the first time was instigated by my dad. He encouraged my sisters and me to “try, try again.” Add that sense of adventure with a really strong practical joke vein and often we were doomed. 

Sometimes we looked so normal, then dad would come up with a crazy idea.

One of the biggest failures was heading off to college to major in Russian. I’d done really well with foreign languages in high school and thought I could learn Russian and become a spy. As it turns out, I am good with sounds and voices, but learning a new alphabet was like decoding in my head … and I sucked at it. I laughed at my failure, switched majors, left college, joined the Air Force and became a broadcaster instead.

That’s me in the middle … news anchor when I was stationed in Italy.

The kitchen is a great place for “sure, why not” moments. Want to try a new recipe? Go for it. Just make sure you have a frozen pizza in the freezer! The great thing about taking a risk in the kitchen is the successes. Greg and I have made some spectacular meals with just a theory and a pile of ingredients.

We had some shrimp, asparagus and pasta laying around … voila! Successful experiment.

Art, for me, is almost always an experiment. When I joined the glass club in our neighborhood, I had visions of creating beautiful fused glass pieces. I’m still working on that. I’ve made one or two interesting things, but I’m still trying and learning and having fun experimenting.

Well … that didn’t work.

Nearly every vacation we take is mostly an experiment. We have a destination in plan. We have reservations for where to stay. Often, though, we only have one or two things planned. The rest of our days are “let’s wing it.” So far, that approach totally works for us.

Walking through the park in Lima, we both thought, “parasailing? why not?”

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Try something new, wing it, and go for it … life is an experiment.

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