Gratitude and Joy

Day 252 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Enticing Aromas

How rare is it to inhale deeply … very deeply … and sigh as you wonder what is that incredible aroma? It’s one of those things that happens so few times that when it does, it stands out in our memory.

As we head into the traditional end-of-the-summer weekend holiday, I am anxiously anticipating sniffing the air to enjoy the bouquet of barbecuing meat as we embrace the customary feast of the weekend with neighbors.

Greg and Sam flip burgers during a visit.

The smells emanating from a bakery as bread or other delicious goodies are nearly ready to pull out of the oven. The jokes we make about how just inhaling these magnificent smells make us gain weight.

Bread, hot out of the oven, has an incredible aroma.

The scent of a fresh cut pine tree filling your home at Christmastime. How many times do we try to recapture this with candles or sprays when we switch to a fake tree for ease?

Years ago, a fresh-cut tree was a family tradition.

The cuddle-inducing smell of a baby freshly bathed and covered with powder or lotion – that sweet little baby, exhausted from the bath, settling into your arms for a peaceful nap.

The scent of a tiny baby is magical.

The smell of the cologne your first date wore. This one is fun to remember because it was probably something cheap and over-applied as most teens do, but you go home with the smell lingering in your nose and your lips tingling from that first kiss.

The scent of him lingers after a first date. (Photo:

The amazing way the wafting aroma of coffee brewing in the morning can enhance the caffeine inducing stimulant.

Ahhh, fresh, hot coffee.

There are so many great smells out there, but somehow that first time you inhale one can stick in your brain, bring back fond memories and leave you sniffing the air, searching for it one more time.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Stop and smell the flowers … or whatever peaks your interest!

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