The Second Week of January

Most people are settling in for a post-holiday rest this time of year. They are taking down decorations, getting “back to normal” after Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s not the case in the Romano home. Nearly every year, the second week of January involves an annual conference that Greg attends when I tag along.

This year, the event took us to Denver. We stayed downtown, near the Convention Center, so Greg could walk. I had access to public transportation, but for the most part, stuck close to the hotel in the chilly January days. The one exception was when I looked up the directions to the Western Stock Show held every year in January. 

There was a shuttle from somewhere, but I took the regular bus – a straight shot from the hotel.

I had hoped to turn it into a bit of a shopping adventure. The website boasts “three floors” of shopping and I thought it would be like the big cowboy trade show in Las Vegas. I was disappointed to say the least. It wasn’t even one entire floor of shopping and was a mish-mash of miscellany that was mostly related to ranchers and ranching.

There were boots and some western wear, but there weren’t many choices.

As the convention waned, I talked Greg into wandering down to Larimer Square. A Google search offered a little insight. The block is supposedly home to the original settlement that grew into the metropolis that is now the 19th most populous city in the US. It was easy to find, but I was saddened to note we only spotted one marker indicating the historic significance of the area … and all it said was the building was on the historic register – no details about what it had been. That said, a quick look up and the street was lined with architecture dating back to the 1800s.

The historic character is clear when you look up.

We popped into a couple of shops. Overland offered up warm, snuggly clothing and housewares that we fancied, but living in the desert eliminates the need to stay that warm. We snagged a couple of pillows that we couldn’t resist. Another shop featured cool and funky designer shoes with a display of a boot used in the new Star Trek series. The designer has permission to sell it as part of his agreement with the show.

Cool boots, especially if you’re a trekkie.

Denver was a fun reminder about the other trips I’ve taken on this week in years past. There was the cooking class and Mardi Gras float museum in New Orleans

A highlight of the New Orleans trip was learning to make etouffee.

There was the irreverent foodie tour in Boston

We had a personal taste testing of Boston’s most famous cannolis.

There was the winery tour into the Texas Hill Country with a girlfriend on the trip to Austin …

Giant Jenga and wine tasting. What could possibly go wrong?

One thing that stands out about these trips is the utter lack of crowds. I’m not suggesting everyone take to January travel. For the most part it’s cold and wet and kind of gross, but if you’re looking to escape the crowds and don’t mind icky weather … it’s an option.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Get out there and check it out whenever you want to.

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