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Where To From Here?

A recent blog discussed a new way to travel, but left the question of “where?” unanswered. As the days get shorter and cooler, road trips are more of a challenge. With a couple of December get-aways and a few other obligations pending this year, we’ve decided to delay the test of our new concept until the spring. This gives us a chance to pick a destination and plan a route. Still, the question of where lingers.

How do you choose where you’ll go next?

Friends post pics from their travels … and the pics inspire me.

Recently, a handful of friends have taken to the road. They all pointed their vehicles West (or in our case in Arizona … North) — to Utah’s National Parks, Mount Rushmore, California beaches and the mountains of Colorado.

Their photos intrigue me. The stunning images are iconic. These are classic scenes that define the American West. With the help of friends’ photos, my list of potential destinations is coming into focus (pun intended – LOL)

But what about other trips? What about the rest of the world? It seems everything is an inspiration when you long to travel.

The dome of the Duomo in Florence.

Movies seem to be a never-ending source of additions to my bucket list. Tom Hanks in Inferno had us reliving a trip to Florence and thinking about other Italian destinations. 

A seaside home on the Greek island of Corfu.

One of the movies in the Avengers series has a hectic scene in Tokyo … should we go to Japan? A Facebook ad suggests a luxury train ride across Europe that looks like fun. A public television series takes place mostly on the Greek island of Corfu … what about Greece?

We have a handful of trips in the works, but as fall deepens and winter prepares to chill us out, my thoughts turn to planning for next spring and summer. Hopefully, the pandemic will be behind us and once again we will be seeking out new and exciting places to check out.

After all, there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Planning your next trip … or trips … is part of the fun!

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1 thought on “Where To From Here?”

  1. You wrote: “How do you choose where you’ll go next?”.

    Language, culture, history, people, landscapes, music etc.

    Have a good day!


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