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Find Your Passion in 2021

I have spent some time lately reflecting on 2020. While this year has given us all more than our fair share of frustrations, it has also given us a lot more “alone time.” I’ve organized boxes of pictures and slides, straightened my desk (about a thousand times), learned some new recipes, fought and eventually gave in to the concept of masks and learned a whole lot about my passions.

I went through thousands of slides and started getting them organized.

I would hope that anyone who writes two blogs a week, like me, enjoys telling stories. When this all began I was doing one blog a week and struggling to start a home business – also travel-related. Then along came a worldwide pandemic that effectively shut down the travel industry and my business goals came to a screaming halt. By June I realized it wasn’t going to happen (although I still offer writing help for travel agents who struggle with this thing I enjoy so much). 

Sitting at my desk, sharing stories. Clearly the “desk organizing” I’ve done needs to be repeated.

Greg and I decided it was time for me to officially “retire.” I knew there was no way I could sit around doing nothing and many of the clubs and activities I had hoped to participate in were on temporary COVID hold. So … I turned to my passion for writing.

On board selfies are becoming a regular thing for us. It’s all about the fun.

Once I focused on it, the ideas started flowing. Two a week was (and still is) mostly a piece of cake. Admittedly many of my blogs are about things to see and do close to home … again … COVID. But we’ve been able to get out a bit, see some things, have some fun. 

Even the desert seemed to be sending love our way.

I hope you are, too … getting out and having fun that is. I hope that as the New Year approaches and gives us all moments of reflection and a chance to look forward that you have been able to find your passion. I hope 2021 brings us all back together. I hope each person who reads this finds joy and passion and a reason to smile often. I hope we all get a chance to spend time with loved ones and make new friends wherever we go. 

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Find your passion and explore with abandon.

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