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It’s Spring

It’s spring. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the warm sun is making more regular appearances leaving us all with the urge to get outside and soak up some vitamin D. What are you waiting for?

The cute little park in Healdsburg, California was a nice spot for a break.

Go to a local park. As hard as I try, I can’t think of anywhere I’ve ever been that doesn’t have a park nearby. Don’t get me wrong, some parks are better than others, but there’s always some sort of park. Find a spot and people-watch, listen to the laughter of children or just sit and ponder the world.

The view from a short and easy trail at Lake Pleasant, Arizona.

Take a hike. This typically involves some sort of drive, but, like parks, opportunities to take hikes are everywhere. There’s no rule about hikes. Putting on walking shoes and trudging through a forest, wandering along a desert path or even criss-crossing block and blocks of a city accomplishes much the same goal: you’re walking and enjoying being outdoors.

The Ruins of the Gillespie Dam are visible from the back road to Gila Bend.

Take a drive. Hop into the car and drive to that crossroad you always go through that leaves you wondering, “I wonder where that road goes.” We did over the weekend. The sun was high in the sky, the back roads were mostly clear and the views stretched out ahead of us. We cruised past farmland and dairy barns and marveled at the agricultural region just a few miles from home.

Cactus blooms brighten our neighborhood every spring.

Stroll. Grab your camera and head out into your neighborhood. Say hi to others you pass who are also out enjoying the spring weather. Snap pics of spring flowers. Pause to listen to the chirping of birds in the trees. Take it easy and revel in the beauty of where you are.

The view from Angler’s Bar and Grill on Solomon’s Island, Maryland.

Eat and drink. Head out to a watering hole with outdoor seating on a sunny afternoon, with or without some friends. Enjoy your beverage of choice with a bit of “nosh,” chat, and watch the world go by. Our local grill overlooking the driving range is a favorite, and allows us to analyze others’ golf swings (especially since we’re not golfers), but back east we loved a Patuxent River dockside grill that featured salty air, sailboat masts and the cackle of seagulls. 

Chilling with a book and soaking up the sun.

Rediscover your backyard or balcony. If you’re looking for a nice, lazy day, why not plop down into a chair with a good book and an icy beverage and let the sun warm you while you travel to a world of imagination in the pages of a novel?

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Let the sun’s rays warm you while you’re seeing it.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Spring”

  1. Love your advice to get out and engage with the world. You’re right, you can do it right in your own neighborhood. When I walk I always find something interesting to capture on film. To travel beyond our own world is to discover a world full of diversity and adventure!


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