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A Road Trip Experiment

We’re off on another great road trip adventure! Often, I write about things we see and do on the road. I’m sure this trip will result in plenty of reviews, experiences and going-with-the-flow stumbles. In addition, I hope to share a few tips and lessons learned regarding HOW to road trip. 

These mini books fit easily into a wallet

For starters, I’ve gone to great lengths to carefully plan our route. We’re headed through nine western states and into two of the most famous National Parks, Yosemite and Yellowstone. Some of our travels will take us off the beaten track and through areas likely to have little or no cell phone service, rendering phone GPS useless. I have turn-by-turn directions for those times in handy little mini-books to make it easy to keep track of essential information. They’re like my own versions of the AAA Trip-Tiks of old!

What’s in the big bin? Everything we need for COLD weather.

As we head out, the weather forecast calls for temperatures in the triple digits, but by mid-week we’ll be going through areas already calling for overnight freezes. That is a planning challenge resulting in a lot of extra layers. I’m packing everything from shorts, tank tops and flip flops to my ski jacket, leather gloves and long johns.

Our mini bar contents … everything you need for an Old Fashioned.

We are meeting up with friends along the way and Greg has been tapped to serve up his personal take on an Old Fashioned, so we made room for a few essential bar items. 

I’m trying to take note of things we need and don’t have … and the flip side … things we loaded into the car but never needed. With more and more people taking road trips, I hope a few of our lessons learned will help you plan a perfect road trip soon. Stay tuned … we’ll be back in October.

Editor’s Note: Remember to stop your mail before you leave and stock the fridge with a few special items as a thank you to your house sitter.

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1 thought on “A Road Trip Experiment”

  1. Hi Judy!
    We enjoyed sharing a table with you and Greg on the patio at the Ahwanee in Yosemite. What a beautiful. Day that was. It’s fun meeting such interesting people when traveling!

    Curt & Julie Harris


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