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Day 26 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – American Bathrooms

So many of the things I am grateful for are everyday things. Today is no different really … but it’s for a very unusual reason. 

Today I am grateful for the convenience of American bathrooms. I know what you’re thinking: “WHAT???” but let me explain.

I’ve been to many places around the world and, to be fair, most of them have bathrooms that are very much like ours in the US. In Germany, I’ve even seen public facilities with toilets made by high-end porcelain manufacturers.

I was surprised to see the maker of this toilet.

Not everywhere has the same level of comfort, though. The best way to explain is through pictures …

In the Medina in Fes, Morocco, you grabbed a bucket of water from a central fountain, went behind a stall door, carefully placed your feet, did your business then rinsed it all down with that bucket.

Surprising and confusing are good descriptions for this facility.

In India, the foot placement was a little easier to spot and there was a wall spigot to fill the bucket nearby.

I was told the tank was “just for show.”

I won’t get into the aroma and cleanliness of port-a-potty experiences or honest-to-goodness outhouses, but those are also memories that leave me grateful for a comfy seat and fully operational flushing mechanism.

Some bathrooms are definitely more comfortable than others.

I can’t actually say bathrooms bring me joy … then again … maybe they do.

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Sometimes you gotta make do.

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