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Day 172 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Being Spoiled

I’m spoiled.

As I laid down on the soft bed of the Marriott Rome Park hotel, in the upgraded two room suite Judy’s Platinum status earned us, I couldn’t help but reflect on how spoiled I’ve become.

As we walked into the entryway, we realized we’d scored big with the upgrade.

We’ve spent the last two weeks trotting across Italy, spending nights in 3 and 4-star hotels. We had spectacular views and well-appointed rooms. 

The view from our room in San Marino was spectacular.

The rooms were spacious by European standards, but tight compared to American hotels. Although, in the World Heritage town of Alberobello, Italy, we spent the night in a three-room “trullo” with a full kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Greg shows off our trullo … which was more like an apartment.
Trulli (the plural of trullo) are conical-roofed homes.

The biggest challenge we faced on our two-week vacation was the universal truth that in all but our final night, the beds were too hard, comfy chairs were non-existent, and the bathrooms were very small.

Our hotel room in Pompeii was typically European – simple and small.

I ached for my soft bed at home, numerous chairs and a couch, and our spacious two-person shower with a rainshower and a handheld spray option. 

The bathrooms were a tight squeeze.

I’m spoiled.

And yet, I’m grateful for the opportunity to see the world in relative comfort in the way “locals” (at least reasonably well-off locals) would see it. For all its comforts, the Marriott was too disconnected from the Italy we’ve come to know. The only Italian we heard was the staff talking to each other. 

There’s a whole new world out there waiting to be explored. Enjoy the comforts of home when you can, but LIVE in the world you’re in.

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1 thought on “Day 172 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Being Spoiled”

  1. So true Judy! I don’t remember a soft comfortable bed in Italy…
    I remember a trip to Sardinia, this appartement we rented with 2 other couples, friends of ours, the beds were soooo hard, I even put the blankets and bedspread under the sheets to try and cushion the mattress. Bathrooms are generally small and, if they are bigger, they don’t have a shower! A hand held shower nozzle and no shower curtain around the tub…. Water goes everywhere 🙄 makes you appreciate your own bed and bathroom so much more when you get home! (Awww, poor us 😄😄😄)


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