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The Contrails Are Back!

Almost a year ago, COVID-19 brought travel to a near-screeching halt. Greg and I were in Washington DC for his work when it hit and we hustled home and joined the rest of the nation in a self-imposed quarantine. 

Contrails mean travel to me … so I even included one in my logo.

At the time, I remember stepping out into my yard and noticing the utter absence of contrails in the sky as airlines cut their schedules to the bare bones. It wasn’t as bad as the days after 9/11, but to my wanderlust-filled eyes, the clear blue skies were sadder without those streaks of white. I blogged about it then and did what I could to put that memory behind me.

Last week I was out running errands. We’d had a week of on-again, off-again cloud-filled days and I was relishing the mostly blue-filled view above me. That’s when I noticed the contrails. 

Contrails filled the sky above me.

“They’re back!” I thought with glee. My year-old memory returned and I was filled with joy knowing it was now just a memory and not, as I had feared, a lingering reality. 

I can’t help but wonder where everyone is going.

I pulled over and snapped a few shots of the sky to share. Alone in the car, I belted out a scream of delight. Passers-by probably wondered what was wrong with me and I didn’t care.

So here I sit, hoping many of you are sneaking glimpses to the sky to see if you, too, can spot a contrail or two wherever you are. Contrails, after all, are visual reminders of how easy it is to travel the world and experience new and exciting things. We even named our home “Contrail’s End” to remind us that home is where the journey begins and ends.

Whether you fly, drive, cruise or clickety-clack on the rails, a contrail is a symbol of travel.

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. I hope you have the chance soon to be on a plane leaving a contrail across a blue sky.

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