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Outdoor Markets are Worldwide

In Arizona, farmer’s market season runs from October to April. It’s backwards, but because it gets so hot here in the summer, outdoor shopping vendors put up their pop-up tents and lay out their wares while the rest of the northern hemisphere shivers in the cold.

Fresh chicken, mozzarella and rolls make a tasty dinner.

When I’m travelling, though, the outdoor market is a MUST! It’s the perfect place to snag a unique souvenir or some fresh-off-the-tree (or vine) snacks or even a low-cost picnic-style dinner in your hotel room with your feet up.

I’ve made it a point to seek out these markets when I’m away from home. The colors and smells offer special insights into what the locals eat at home. 

I could only imagine the flavor of these fresh artichokes.

In Venice, the colorful artichokes not only created a beautiful picture, but had me craving a kitchen so I could cook one up and savor the freshness.

The open-air market in Budapest was indoors, allowing vendors to keep some items cooled.

In Budapest, I managed to find some fruit to munch on amid the rows and rows of meats and cheeses available in early November when we visited.

After sunset, our thoughts turned to all the dinner choices in the market.

Not truly a “farmer’s market,” the food booths at European Christmas markets can keep you fed for days if you want to opt out of the restaurant scene.

Souvenirs and local handicrafts were plentiful near Dracula’s Castle.

Even in the tiny village in Romania where we stayed in Dracula’s Castle, local craft merchants set up tables to offer items for sale.

Fresh fruit is almost always available and provides flavorful snack options.

The fun of the outdoor market is not just in what you find, but how you buy your items. In many places, bartering is not only acceptable, but expected. In the Medina in Fes, Morocco, the cacophony of sounds as locals make their daily deals battle with the sights and smells for your senses’ attention.

A mountain of fresh garlic in Mumbai’s fruit and vegetable market.

In India, the market was filled with dazzling, aromatic spices, including the biggest mountain of garlic I’ve ever seen.  

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Find one of these little gems during your travels and browse like a native!

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