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Potomac Point Winery – Go for the View, Stay for the Wine

We’re bi-coastal. Well, to be fair, when most people say that they mean a couple who lives on both the east and west coasts. We don’t LIVE bi-coastally, instead we taste wine that way. 

Living in Virginia for years, we visited dozens of Virginia and Maryland wineries. We have east coast favorites, like Narmada and Romano (the name kinda won us over on that one). We have west coast faves, especially  Dauo and Trefethen. And we are big fans of Merkin, a 100% Arizona winery. But a recent trip back east introduced me to a new winery that’s quickly climbing into my top five – Potomac Point Winery.

Delicious wines come from Virginia, too.

With steamy temps in the 90s and heat indices edging into the triple digits, my travel buddy Kathleen and I sought out something to do in air-conditioned comfort while still trying something new. Kathleen had never been to Virginia, but we sip wine together regularly, so introducing her to wines from the other coast seemed like a no-brainer.

Potomac Point Winery is located in Stafford County, Virginia

We settled on Potomac Point because it was close to where we were staying and offered a full menu so we could taste wines while enjoying lunch. It turned out to be a FABULOUS choice!

The grounds are meticulously manicured.

We arrived a few minutes before our reservation (required for tasting and dining), so we strolled the grounds near the tasting room and marveled at the stunning gardens and views. Everywhere we looked we saw thick, lush greenery, blooming flowers, and rows and rows of grape vines. 

Kathleen and I tried sitting outside, but it was just too hot.

We tried to sit out on the patio under the spinning fans, but the heat of the day had us moving inside even before our first sip. No worries, the tasting room was welcoming and cool. 

We sipped the Chardonnay, then remembered to snap a photo.
The charcuterie platter gave us plenty of pairing options.

A flight of eight wines seemed the perfect introduction. We added the robust “Le Grand Cru Platter”, giving us plenty of options for sipping, pairing, and nibbling. 

Comfy chairs, air conditioned cool, and a welcoming attitude made it easy to relax and enjoy everything.

The make-yourself-at-home comfort was easy and restful. After sharing the wine tasting flight, we ordered up a bottle each so we’d have leftovers to take back to the hotel. We laughed and chatted as the tasting room filled with families, couples, and small groups of friends seeking the same festive atmosphere we’d captured. Bottles sealed for the drive back to Fredericksburg, we perused the gift shop and Kathleen ordered several bottles to have shipped home. 

If you find yourself in the DC area and are looking for a place to take a break while enjoying some Virginia historical sights, don’t miss this winery! 

There’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. Try being a little bi-coastal just for fun.

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