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A Surprising Delight in Jerome

A little weekend getaway reminded Judy and me why trying something different can lead to completely new discoveries!

Looking to get out of town for a long weekend, we headed north for a return visit to Cottonwood and Jerome, Arizona. The Verde Valley is one of the first places we stopped on our original journey to Arizona nearly four years ago and cemented our desire to move here. So it’s not surprising we go back from time-to-time. 

The Clinkscale is a delightful surprise.

In the old mining town of Jerome, we wandered the shops and marveled at the spectacular view of the Verde Valley — even more “verde” than usual due to all the recent rains! Our tummies rumbling, we decided to try something different than our regular haunt for lunch. We spotted The Clinkscale up ahead and managed to snag a couple of open seats at the bar. Our bartender, Joe, introduced himself, handed us a couple of menus and drew our attention to his specialty cocktails. We ordered two, a Black Walnut Manhattan for me and a Harvey Wallbanger for Judy. Joe regaled us with the story of how the wallbanger got its name and we knew instantly he was our kind of people. 

Shrimp tacos!
The tort mac and cheese!

I ordered some fish tacos (a “go to” when I’m really hungry) and Judy hemmed and hawed over a few options before settling on the intriguing Tort Mac & Cheese. Joe dropped the excellent drinks in front of us as we ordered lunch.

All smiles, Joe shakes two drinks while chatting with his customers.

There was enough of a midday crowd that our conversations with Joe were sporadic, but we learned the former electrician got his start in bartending at the insistence of the resort owner where he served as an engineer. Two-and-a-half years later, the mixologist is creating his own infusions. He shared mouth-watering Instagram shots of the innovative cocktails he loves to create. 

Joe liked the name and told us he may keep it … try one!

The pics were enough to spark our interest, so we let him create something for each of us. Judy named his Arizona spin on a Screwdriver (with Prickly Pear and mango purees) the Double Whammy, while my modified Whisky Sour was refreshing and fantastic.  And the food? To die for.  I mean, seriously …  mac & cheese made with cheese tortellini?  Faggedaboudit!  The fish tacos had the perfect combo of spicy aioli and sweetness in the slaw; the fish was fried perfectly and tasted like fish!

Visiting Clinkscale and meeting Joe reminded us of the absolute thrill of trying something new.  

There’s a whole world out there waiting to be explored. Take a chance on something different and be pleasantly surprised when it works out great!

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