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I Love L.A.

Recently, our granddaughter proclaimed she wanted us to take her to Los Angeles next year for her 10th Birthday “Trip With the Grands” (her older brother opted for some Arizona desert adventures). Whether she’ll still want to do that a year from now remains to be seen, but it was a reminder that, despite my trash talk, L.A. is in my blood.

Road Trip, Route 66

The Road is Calling

I grew up a Californian. The ocean, mountains, valleys and deserts all have a certain lure; the automobile was my ticket to ride, the vehicle that took me to all these majestic places. From my earliest days, the road was calling, begging me to explore. I was on wheels at an early age...first a tricycle,… Continue reading The Road is Calling


Distractions – Southern California – Who Knew??

By Judy OK, so here's the thing, for all my world travels, the only time I had ever really been to Southern California was when I was around 8 years old. My aunt and uncle lived in San Diego and we went for a visit. My parents took my sisters and I to Disneyland for… Continue reading Distractions – Southern California – Who Knew??