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Day 293 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Downtown Delights

... downtown is where both tourists and locals gather, making for great people watching!

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Day 62 – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Fat City Kitchen

This time, when we went east, we saved our last night for “CK” and the gang there we’ve come to know and love.

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Mescolare Tutto (an Italian spin on leftovers)

I've used as much as half a bottle of wine and as little as 8-ish ounces. Everything about this recipe is to-taste. It's pretty much full proof. Make what you love, add your favorite flavor. Make it yours!

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Fresh Olive Oil in Arizona

David poured samples of olive oil into little cups and passed them around, the scent of the fresh EVOO transported me back to Italy as I inhaled it before sipping the golden-colored liquid.

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We Double Dog Dare You

Sometimes an adventure or an idea pops into my head and it’s so “out there” that I actually hear a voice in my head daring myself to go for it. It could be the idea of bungee jumping (not gonna happen) or going on a grand hike somewhere. It could be the idea of a… Continue reading We Double Dog Dare You

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Literally, pied-à-terre is French for “a foot on the ground,” but Wikipedia says the phrase implies usage as a temporary second residence (but not a vacation home), either for part of the year or part of the work week, by a reasonably wealthy person. I’d love to say I am “reasonably” wealthy, but my husband and I… Continue reading Pied-à-Terre

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Brabo by Richard Wiedmaier

What a difference! A couple of months ago we went to the Brabo Tasting Room in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. It was amazing. In fact, the experience was so good that when friends suggested we meet for drinks and dinner, we tapped Brabo by Richard Wiedmaier for the rendezvous. We were excited to try the full… Continue reading Brabo by Richard Wiedmaier


The 13th Annual Alexandria King Street Art Festival

Have you ever seen an ad for some event, thought it looked interesting, then been disappointed when you went? Fortunately, the Alexandria King Street Art Festival is NOT one of those things. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. A HUGE gathering of artists representing nearly every conceivable art medium jamming more than half of King… Continue reading The 13th Annual Alexandria King Street Art Festival

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The Wally

We stopped by our favorite haunt in Old Town Alexandria yesterday to have a quick drink and say hello to our favorite bartenders. It’s been awhile since we’ve been to Union Street Public House; we’ve been so busy lately we just haven’t made it to the waterfront. We bellied up to the bar and ordered… Continue reading The Wally

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Hunting Creek

     Just in time for Alexandria Restaurant Week, I’ve a got a Food! review that presents a bit of a mixed bag – great food contrasted by weird – not bad, just weird – service.  Let me explain… Last week, on the eight month anniversary of our marriage, Greg and I decided to splurge on dinner… Continue reading Hunting Creek