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Day One – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Kick off the Year with a Boxing Day Ride.

Jed was a fascinating guy. A fifth-generation Arizonan, he shared a little family lore with us as he pointed out the berries on a tiny cactus and mentioned, “they make great eatin’.”

Road Trip

Sometimes You Should Look Back

I thought about starting this blog with one of the many quotes about why you should look ahead and not back. Then I realized everybody has probably seen at least one of those quotes and this blog isn’t about that. In fact, this blog is completely OPPOSITE that sentiment.  You know by now that I’m… Continue reading Sometimes You Should Look Back

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Puerto Backyarda

Somehow I didn't think I'd be writing a travel blog about my neighborhood for my 100th blog. Yes, I know there are almost 150 on this site, but the others were all written by Greg, so this is officially my 100th. I hope you're having fun reading them and if you have something you'd like… Continue reading Puerto Backyarda