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Day One – A Year of Gratitude and Joy – Kick off the Year with a Boxing Day Ride.

Jed was a fascinating guy. A fifth-generation Arizonan, he shared a little family lore with us as he pointed out the berries on a tiny cactus and mentioned, “they make great eatin’.”

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Wanderlust, Moving and A World of Change

A friend from high school recently moved to a new home. It was one of several she’s made in recent years. She and I are very alike that way. In the past eight years I have had six homes. That’s six full-scale, move-everything-you-own-to-a-new-place homes.  Packing and unpacking are routine chores. In fact, we grew up… Continue reading Wanderlust, Moving and A World of Change

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E is for Eastern Europe

By Judy Far and away a favorite of mine, this trip took me and my daughter to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania for an Equestrian adventure. It began as a bit of a comedy of errors as our luggage – with ALL of our riding gear in it – did not arrive in Romania with… Continue reading E is for Eastern Europe