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From Exes to Ohs

Greg and I make no secret of the fact that we are each other’s third wife/husband. One of the things we say is that it took three tries to get it right. It’s only half in jest. We both recognize that with age comes a self-awareness and comfort that makes it easier to know what… Continue reading From Exes to Ohs

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Excitement and Travel Go Hand-In-Hand

It doesn’t matter where I’m going, I get excited about travel, I mean REALLY excited. I let excitement take over like a kid on Christmas Eve. I giggle. I jump up and down. I can’t sleep. For some trips, the excitement is worse than others. I barely get any sleep at all before bucket list… Continue reading Excitement and Travel Go Hand-In-Hand

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Our Own Winery? Well, Not Really

Okay, it’s not really ours, but it’s kinda cool to have a winery nearby that shares your last name. There’s nothing like having personalized wineglasses and wine bottles in the cellar to make your guests wonder! Romano Vineyard and Winery is in Brandywine, Maryland, in southern Prince George’s County. PG County, as the locals know… Continue reading Our Own Winery? Well, Not Really

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What do a Kiss and Exploring the World Have in Common?

Five years ago today I was on a trip for work. It involved a trip (by TRAIN!) to Stamford, Connecticut, a short walk to the hotel and a meet-and-greet style evening where coworkers from the northeast and mid-Atlantic would connect and spend some social time over dinner and drinks before a full-day event kicking off… Continue reading What do a Kiss and Exploring the World Have in Common?

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Getting to Know You, Part 2

A reader responded to my recent post about talking up servers and bartenders with a simple question, “Why?”  I’m not really sure where she was going with this question … “Why travel?”  “Why enjoy yourself?”  “Why talk to people?”  But if ever there was any doubt about the last question, it was answered this past… Continue reading Getting to Know You, Part 2


Key West – a warm winter weekend

A recent trip is proof that good advertising works.   A series of attractive and funny poster-sized ads promoting the Florida Keys splattered throughout one of the Washington Metro system’s busiest stations caught Greg’s eye as the weather turned frigid.  With headlines like “Strong response to the latest poles” while showing fishermen casting their lines in azure seas, the… Continue reading Key West – a warm winter weekend


Take the Upgrade

What do you do with an extra week of vacation? I recently reached a milestone work anniversary and now earn an extra week of vacation every year. Greg is a few years behind me, so that leaves me with a week to use that he doesn't have. The trouble is, I really prefer traveling with… Continue reading Take the Upgrade


How to Turn Five Hours into Twelve

According to Google Maps, it should take five hours and seven minutes to get from home to a wedding we’re attending on Long Island. But Google Maps just has no sense of adventure. We set out early, just before 7am, with the intention of taking “the road less traveled” from Alexandria, Virginia, to Woodbury, New… Continue reading How to Turn Five Hours into Twelve

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Customer Service is NOT Dead

I drive a two-seater roadster convertible. You may wonder what that has to do with customer service. If you have ever driven a convertible or even know someone with one, you know soft tops require more tender loving care than hard tops. You can't go through automated car washes, you shouldn't park them out in… Continue reading Customer Service is NOT Dead


The Wave Pool

Diversions are unplanned, unexpected and, with any luck, a delightful surprise. The one thing I’ve noticed is, they often end up teaching you something, too. You don’t necessarily plan on a diversion being educational, but when you find yourself diverting to something on a university campus, you have to expect to learn something. That was… Continue reading The Wave Pool